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We are a team of experienced brick pointing contractors with a deep respect to quality craftsmanship. Before anything, our experienced team will do careful analysis to the problem so as to deliver sound judgments. Our motto is to guarantee the best in order to ensure continuity and restoration of life to your building.
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We are New York based company serving the New York Metropolitan area. This region covers New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Our Services
We are highly committed to service delivery. Some of the key services that give us an edge are:
Free Estimates
Our team which comprises highly qualified contractors will carefully analyze the cause of the problem so as to give detailed estimates for a particular problem.
Brick Pointing

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Once you start to notice cracks and voids in your building, just give us a call. We will carefully analyze the different mortar components such as aggregates and ratio. Since most of these problems arise due to mortar incompatibility, during the brick wall repair, our team will replace the old mortar with compatible materials.
Brick Water Proofing

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One of the factors that greatly lower and shorten the life of the building is efflorescence. Oozing moisture from the surface of your walls can easily cause formation of mildews and moulds or cause paint blistering. Our experienced team offers wall treatment that will prolong the life of your wall.
Brick Work

Apart from offering solutions to common problems, we also boost the potential of starting a building from scratch. We are conversant with building orientations, bonding, brick thickness, brick-tuck pointing, and wall ties

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